It’s true I did.

GloballyVegan is no more.

If you followed me here than you can now find me at Globally Grace.

I decided that a change was needed. Yes I am still vegan and will be posting about the vegan aspects of my life. But it is not my only focus.

I do also, have a problem with the word vegan. It is so exclusive and you can only use the word if you are 110% perfect, which I am not. I slip up and forget sometimes and also needed to allow myself the freedom. I discussed this on my previous post where do you draw the line?

So hello and welcome, to Globally Grace. I have revamped the blog, organising everything and creating a new, neat look for it. I now have a way to view my different series such as TMI talks, shit you didn’t know was vegan and travel posts. These can all be found in the menu bar. I also have a connecting instagram globally.grace which you should definitely follow!

If you didn’t know, I am 22 years old and currently trying to travel the world with my partner, Adam. We left England in September where we went to Spain and in November landed in Australia where we will spend the next year.

I post about many different things, I have a TMI Talk series, discussing things such as sexuality and health, posts about travelling, lifestyle, food recipes, life hacks, anything and everything.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in then please feel free to follow. I am also looking for new blogs to follow so link me your blogs in the comments!:) I’ll see you on Sunday for my first a travelling post. My previous post was about my 22nd birthday.